NOTE: Was also published in the Horn.

Photographing Obama, Catching the News Bug

One week ago, if you had told me that I would stand 65 feet away from the President of the United States with a camera in my hands, I’m not sure I would have believed you. After the exclusivity of the Civil Rights Summit, I thought my chance at being in the press pool while…

Video: 2014 Austin Reggae Festival

Austin Reggae Festival 2014 from Tess Cagle on Vimeo. This video is about the Austin Reggae Festival. Video was created for the J302f Storytelling Basics class taught at the University of Texas at Austin. It was filmed, edited, and produced by Tess Cagle, Reina Olivas and Melyssa Fairfield.

Audio Story: Karen Eubanks

This podcast was originally created in the spring of 2014 for my digital storytelling basics class at the University of Texas. For more recent news about Karen Eubanks, look for her new stage name, Aurora Wilde.   

Hard Proof performs on the beautifully painted stage at Pan Am Park.

Photos from KUTX’s Map Jam Festival

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to help create a photo recap of KUTX’s Map Jam Festival for ORANGE Magazine. The fest was the epitome of “Austin.” From cacti gardens to hippie tents, there was not a single portion of the festival that did not fit the atmosphere of the city perfectly. Unfortunately, I…

A mosh pit breaks out in the middle of the 21st Street Co-Op.

WXWC Festival Recap

As pedestrians strolled north down Rio Grande Street in West Campus, there seemed to be a change of vibe as they moved closer to the co-ops located along 21st Street.  Loud music could be heard resonating from the inside of many of the houses.  Couches were set up in the middle of front lawns, with…

Stay Prickly cover photo

Spring 2014: Future of Cactus Yearbook

This article was originally written in the spring of 2014, for my digital storytelling basics class. This was prior to my involvement with the Cactus.  After 130 years of existence, UT’s oldest publication faces the reality that the 2014 edition may be the last published in print. ` The Cactus Yearbook currently does not have…